The Budo-Montaz Ltd was founded in 1985, as a result of considerable interest in our services. In order to meet the requirements of growing number of customers, in 1998 we decided to significantly expand the company and the range of our services.

Using over 30 years of experience in construction of residential and commercial buildings, we deliver new solutions to transform the areas into prosperous communities. Now Budo-montaz Ltd. is known for its high quality work with a broad portfolio of successfully completed projects across Poland, Germany and Switzerland.

While we continue to build our portfolio, we always strive to meet the growing demands of our customers. The heart of our strategy is to carry on developing a customer focused business with long-term relationships. We are proud of our strong reputation for our innovative approach and reliable execution of all projects. This could not be achieved without our experienced engineering and technical staff, regularly trained and tested to deliver the highest quality service.

We remain to invest in the latest technologies and persistently increasing our heavy equipment stock, which allows a great mobility and speeds up the development process.